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DNA methylation is an important epigenetic modification that influences diverse biological processes and is highly relevant to development and response to stress. The developed single molecule real-time (SMRT)  sequencing provides an efficient solution to detect N6-methyladenine (6mA) and N4-methylcytosine (4mC) modification at single-nucleotide resolution. Recently, Fragaria vesca and Rosa chinensis of Rosaceae family were sequenced by SMRT. The published datasets were collected and used for further 6mA and 4mC modification detection. 

MDR (Methylation Database for Rosaceae) is an integrative database for storing, analyzing and visualizing of DNA 6mA and 4mC methylation in Rosaceae. It provides a user-friendly interface to host, browse, search and download 6mA and 4mC profiles and also offers a genome browse to visualize DNA methylation sites and related coverage and gene annotation. The MDR will become a powerful tool to provide a genome-wide view of DNA 6mA and 4mC methylation in Rosaceae.


Fragaria vesca

Cultivar : Hawaii-4

Tissue : Leaf

PMID : 29253147

Release : 2018

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Rosa chinensis

Cultivar : Old Blush

Tissue : Adventitious shoot organogenesis

PMID : 29713014

Release : 2018

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  • [Dec-21-2018]

    The MDR database is released

  • [Sep-30-2018]

    Related documents were integrated to facilitate usability of MDR

  • [Aug-12-2018]

    All collected datasets analysis completed and updated

  • [May-08-2018]

    Publication resources were collected